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Venture Real Estate Partners Inc, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, was established in 2009 to promote off-market real estate. Venture provides an electronic marketing vehicle for discreetly exposing unique commercial & industrial properties to targeted markets. In effect, we are an internet marketing company, acting as an advertising agency for previously unpublicized Real Estate opportunities.



Founder, Bill Hoolhorst, a real estate broker, with 35 years experience in Sales, Strategic Marketing, Advertising and Graphic Arts, founded the company based on a business model that integrates 21st century internet technology, Strategic Marketing and access to unique, eclectic real estate properties.


In early 2010 the owners of two San Francisco Bay Area brokerage firms, Phil Riedy of Riedy Commercial Real Estate, and Frank Card of S.F. Broker Network, joined Mr. Hoolhorst as equal partners. As a result, Venture Real Estate Partners has leveraged over 100 years of collective experience and knowledge to uniquely merge the business of real estate with the art & science of advertising and marketing.



Strategic Marketing is a key differentiation factor of our business model. This means that all of the properties we represent have a sales plan, which include campaigns that can range from conventional advertising, to target marketing, and even to sophisticated business development projects.





And, of course, Technology is the heart of our internet business. This includes streaming video, satellite property views, pop-up preview screens, and advanced email marketing. The unique real estate properties that we represent are usually not main-stream. For these properties conventional "want ad" portals have been ineffective. So our platform and business flow is designed around a strategy that takes advantage of customized sales campaigns that drive only qualified, potential buyers to our product listings.